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Core Volunteers

ʻAʻohe hana nui ke alu ʻia - No task is too big when done together by all. (ʻŌlelo Noʻeau #142)


Skye Apao

Member Since Fall 2021

What Skye Enjoys About Ka Lau:"

"I love being in Ka Lau. I love going to different places across the island and learning the history of those places. I also like attending workshops where I have learned new things and have met important people in the community through Ka Lau. I like how at every workday I get to know other people in the hui on a deeper level. Ka Lau has been my biggest place of grounding and community."

Skye's Favorite Ka Lau Event:

"My favorite Ka Lau event was at Papahana Kuaola. At that workday, I was finally able to ground myself and feel that everything is going to be okay. Being surrounded by the deep green mountains with my feet in the loʻi...I was in awe of the beauty that was surrounding me. I also really liked that workday because it was my first time working together as a hui to help create a rock wall, and it was a nice way to work together as a hui to get something done."

Brenton Sasaoka

Member since Spring 2022

What Brenton Enjoys About Ka Lau:

"I enjoy having a space outside of school and work where I am able to reflect and work with the ʻāina, and spent time with awesome people who have a strong desire to give back to the community."

Brenton's Favorite Ka Lau Event:

"My favorite Ka Lau event was our Nuhi Panaʻewa workday with Kumu Alapaki. In addition to learning about the rich history of Kahana, it was really fun to work together to not only construct a wooden bridge, but also to show it off and use after."


Justin Chan

Member since Fall 2022

What Justin Enjoys About Ka Lau:

"I enjoy getting to work with and meet some amazing people, all while caring for the land."

Justin's Favorite Ka Lau Event:

"My favorite Ka Lau event was probably the ʻapu-making workshop because we got to learn about the Niu garden at UHWO, help take care of it, and make our own ʻapu."

Mac Rainey

Member since Fall 2022

What Mac Enjoys About Ka Lau:"


I enjoy meeting new people and traveling to different ahupuaʻa to learn about what makes each one unique. Everybody at the workdays is passionate and friendly to new faces who want to learn more and get involved. And at the end of each workday, feeling like a difference is being made is super rewarding."


Mac's Favorite Ka Lau Event:"


My favorite Ka Lau event was the first Mokauea workday. It was great fun, and I learned so much that I probably would have never even had the opportunity to learn about if I didnʻt go."


Aaron Murai

Member since Summer 2023

What Aaron Enjoys About Ka Lau:

"Being able to visit, learn the history about. and mālama ʻāina all around the island with like-minded people is such a great privilege to have. Because of this club, Iʻve become much more connected to my home than ever before."

Aaron's Favorite Ka Lau Event:

"My favorite Ka Lau event was visiting Mokauea. We all put in a whole bunch of sweat to help move a historic canoe and clean up ʻōpala. We were so lucky to learn about the fishing village and its history from the Bagood ʻOhana. Workdays like these really bring everyone closer together, which is such a privilege to have."

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